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The benefits, facts, recommendations and care tips for choosing the right siding for your Colorado Springs home.

No matter which area of the country you call home, the weather can take its toll on your siding. This rings no truer than in Colorado Springs. With high-highs and low-lows, Colorado Springs is the perfect storm of tough weather for your siding. So when you decided to choose a siding company to invest in for your home, you want to know that it will hold up to the Winter chill and Summer heat.

That’s why James Hardie® siding is created with your climate in mind. They have come up with a way to help customers in Colorado Springs buy Hardie Board® siding based on specific performance attributes that relate to the “HardieZone” where they live.

james_hardie_siding__fiber_boardWhether you plan to make improvements to your home because it is in desperate need of updates or because you want to improve the home's value to sell it, often times making a list of what should be fixed helps homeowners to evaluate which improvements are the most important.

Picking a project like updating the kitchen or bathroom can be costly and inconvenient to the people who live there, and small changes like painting the living room may not be as much of a change as you'd like. While these projects do improve the look of a home, consider replacing the siding on your house with James Hardie siding. Not only will getting new siding for your Colorado Springs home make the house look better, it will also give the homeowner a return on investment when it comes time to sell. 

james_hardie_sidingIf you’re in the market for new siding or building a new home, you’ve no doubt heard many arguments for and against vinyl siding.  Perhaps you have even considered switching to wood siding, but then heard just as many negatives about that.  Have you ever wished there was a “middle-of-the-road” option; one that combined the best of wood and vinyl siding into one product?  Well, James Hardie® siding might be the perfect answer.

One of the most durable building products available today, James Hardie fiber cement siding is made from a combination of wood fibers and cement, pressed into a mold that takes on the character of wood grain, and offers the ideal surface for any color paint.  The James Hardie Siding Company is a leader in manufacturing and developing technologies for strong, long-lasting building products.

Tuesday, 01 May 2012

Vinyl Siding – The Benefits

vinyl_sidingIt’s that time of year again – time to go outside and look up at your house and determine if you can really afford to wait another year for new vinyl siding.  Most local siding contractors say this is their busiest time of the year because the weather is nicer and homeowners want to invest their tax refund in beautifying their home.  But is vinyl siding really the right choice for your home?

The benefits of vinyl siding go far beyond its good looks and affordability.  Vinyl siding also protects and insulates your home, helping it withstand punishing storms and other harsh weather.  It is built to last for many years to come while resisting scratches, cracks, rusting, and sagging.  Because it is entirely weather resistant, vinyl siding is perfect for homes in hot or cold areas of the country, whether it’s cold air or warm air coming into the home.

siding_contractorsSpring has arrived, and it’s time to start paying attention to the exterior of your home.  For many homeowners, all the landscaping and flower baskets won’t hide the fact that their siding needs to be replaced.  If this sounds like you, then you will need to start talking to siding contractors in your area.  Once you have decided on the type of siding you want, take the time to interview several different companies who specialize in this type of siding.

Hiring the right team of professional siding contractors is crucial to your satisfaction with the job, and only intensive research will give you the confidence you need to move forward.  Ultimately, you will want to hire a contractor who guarantees their work and offers repair and replacement services in addition to the installation.  Look for a company that has been in business for many years and has a strong reputation in the area.

james_hardie_siding__fiber_boardFiber board siding may not be popular in every part of the country, but it has really taken off in the Southwest. Perhaps this is due to its sturdiness and attractive texture, but James Hardie siding is gaining converts like never before. Fiber board siding has been around forever, and it’s always been billed as “low maintenance,” “long lasting” and “worth the investment,” but it looks like it is really catching on.

Over the past several years, fiber board siding has been singled out by Remodeling Magazine in their Cost vs. Value Report as one of the best investments a homeowner can make toward resale value. With so many more homeowners staying where they are, and home equity rates at record lows, more people are remodeling with James Hardie siding, but there are still skeptics out there who want more information.

colorado_springs_siding_contractorsHave you been thinking about getting new siding for your home? Perhaps you are thinking about selling your home in a few years and want to start getting your home ready for its “close up”. One mistake that many homeowners make is assuming that all Colorado Springs siding contractors are the same. Many homeowners are in such a rush to get the job done that they fail to ask the right questions and just hire the person who says they can get the job done for a reasonable price. With something as important as the exterior of your home – the first thing people see when they visit your home – it is worth taking a little extra time to get it right.

Before you start researching Colorado Springs siding contractors, think about the type of siding you would like to have. Sometimes you will need to meet with a few contractors before you know the answer to this question. One may be an expert in fiber cement siding, like HardieBoard and HardiePlank shingles, while others may only offer vinyl siding.

colorado_springs_hardie_board_1As a contractor who specializes in Colorado Springs Hardie Board installations, I am often asked to explain the differences between James Hardie fiber cement siding and other siding materials.After all, it is the siding on a home’s exterior that keeps a home weatherized and enhances its insulation.It is also the exterior building materials that people see first, so it is important to choose one with curb appeal.

Beyond its good looks and the natural sturdiness of fiber cement shingles, Colorado Springs Hardie Board buyers are often surprised at its low cost. When compared with cedar shingles or clapboard siding, which are more expensive to purchase and maintain, Hardie Board is a very viable solution. Richer looking than vinyl siding, and much sturdier too, Hardie Board comes in a wide variety of colors and it has excellent weatherproofing qualities. 

colorado_springs_hardie_board_2Are you looking for a contractor for your Colorado Springs Hardie Board® siding?  This popular fiber cement siding product is sweeping the nation, and many contractors are now including it in their selection of home remodeling options.  However, not every siding contractor has a lot of experience with Hardie Board®.  Before you make a decision on installation, be sure to ask your contractor the following questions.

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