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Casement Windows – The Ideal Replacement Windows for your Colorado Springs Home

For the most reliable and cost-effective replacement windows in Colorado Springs, let Heart House Creations be your contractor of choice.


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Sunday, 14 August 2011

replacement_windows_colorado_springs_2In addition to allowing plenty of natural sunlight into your home, casement windows are some of the most economical replacement windows available in Colorado Springs.  Homeowners who purchased their home recently may be completely new to the process of buying replacement windows and may have a lot of questions.  For example, which windows open the widest?  Which ones are easiest to clean?  Which replacement windows will be energy efficient for a Colorado Springs home?  Which ones last the longest?  The list goes on and on. 

Learning the facts about casement windows will give you the peace of mind to know which windows to choose when it comes time to make home improvements.  You will learn why these single hinged windows open wider than any other type of window and how easy they are too clean.  Plus, because they project outward, casement windows also let in more natural ventilation. 

Need a comparison between casement windows and other popular window options?  Here is a snapshot of how one replacement windows contractor in Colorado Springs describes them:

  • Double-hung windows only open halfway up, making it impossible to open both halves at the same time.  Compared to casement windows, they only offer a partial breeze.
  • Sliding windows are fixed in place and also open only halfway, allowing for less of a breeze.
  • Comparatively speaking, casement window not only let in more air, the sash of the window acts as a funnel, allowing you to change the direction of the breeze.
  • Another benefit of choosing casement windows is their built-in security.  Unlike other window styles, the lock is embedded in the frame, which makes it harder for thieves to break in.  This means they cannot be pried open or lifted off their tracks. 
  • For homeowners looking at replacement windows in Colorado Springs, energy efficiency is often a concern.  Casement windows are very tightly sealed, which prevents moisture and unwanted drafts from entering the home. 
  • If space is a concern, casement windows open outwards and will not take up any of your indoor space. 
  • But perhaps one of the biggest concerns for homeowners is cleaning and casements score a lot of points here. It’s easy to reach both sides of the window when it is fully open. 

For the most reliable and cost-effective replacement windows in Colorado Springs, let Heart House Creations be your contractor of choice.

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