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When you buy a home, whether it’s your first house, or one in a line of many you’ve owned, you’re making an investment. As with any investment you may make, you want to take care of it and not only make sure you’re getting your money’s worth, but also making money on it when possible.

This is why maintaining your home is so important - a well-maintained or updated home can not only help you to make back your money when you decide to sell, but it sometimes can increase the value of the home too.Especially in a city like Colorado Springs where there are wet winters, high altitude, rough winds and dry summers, the maintenance of your home is important because it can prevent further damage and more costs.

Making timely home improvements can lower your energy costs, beautify your home and increase its resale value, but it is important that you search out the best quality materials. For projects like replacing siding or windows, it’s best to talk to a Colorado Springs window contractor to not only get a professional’s opinion, but to learn up front about the various grades of windows and how to know you’ve found a quality material. One home improvement that can get you a good bang for your buck is investing in vinyl windows.

With record-breaking rainfall in May, golfball sized hail in June and flooding in streets, yards and parks throughout the city during the past few months, the weather in Colorado Springs has been unusually wet during the past two months.

Although the much needed rain comes with its benefits, like being able to keep your sprinklers turned off or avoiding washing your car because you know it will rain just minutes after you've dried it, excessive moisture doesn't always leave room for celebration.

In an area with many hills for water to run down and low land for water to gather, the potential for a home to flood in a basement or on its ground level is high.

hardie boardNow that spring is here, homeowners turn their attention to the outside of their homes. Instead of painting the living room or getting new kitchen cabinets, many will decide that this is the year for new siding. Landscaping and flower baskets may be nice, but they cannot hide the fact that siding needs to be replaced. The only problem is that it's hard to sit down and plan out a project like this without a specific contractor in mind.

James Hardie Siding 05A lot of homeowners skip this step and prefer to work on a more exciting home improvement, but it is important to clean your home's siding. Clean siding will stay in good repair, which will extend its life much longer. Fortunately, you don't need any special skills to keep your siding in great shape. You won't even need to do it yourself.

siding_productsBuying new siding isn't something that most homeowners do very often. In fact, people who buy a new home with the right building materials are never in need of new siding. But aside from curb appeal, what other criteria is used to choose a siding material? Better Homes and Gardens asked this same question in a recent article on, "Siding Options for Your Home." Will your choice be wood, vinyl, or another siding option? Read the summaries below and learn more.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Problems Locking Windows?

2 Things to Check

1st - slide window up, do you see this?

Problems locking windows pic 1


1) begin by inserting a flathead screwdriver into balance system

Problems locking windows Pic2

2) Rotate 45 degrees so that the 'horseshoe' is parallel to the floor (be careful, as once you have rotated the balance system it will release the tension and the coil will begin to pull the 'horseshoe' up towards the top of the window)

Problems locking windows Pic3

3) once you have rotated the 'horseshoe' slide the balance system up a few inches

Problems locking windows Pic4

4) then rotate it back 45 degrees so that it is perpendicular to the floor

Problems locking windows Pic5

5) Now, slide the window down so that it is even w/ the balance system

Problems locking windows Pic6

6) Tilt the window in 45 degrees so that it is parallel with the floor - this will allow the sash to re-engage with your balance system

Problems locking windows Pic7

7) Once you think the sash is engaged, tilt the window back up into the frame and slide the sash UP towards the top of the window

Problems locking windows Pic8

8) If you see the image below, then you have fixed the problem!

Problems locking windows Pic9

9) If you see the image below, then repeat steps 5-8 again

Problems locking windows Pic4

10) If problem persists, please feel free to call (719)599-9660 for assistance


- If you are having issues locking your window and the instructions above do not help, please call (719)599-9660 for assistance.

green_home_improvementsOver the past twenty years, Americans have made significant changes in how they view the environment.  They’ve started taking recycling seriously, stopped using plastic shopping bags and started purifying their own water.  Businesses have become “green” by reducing pollutants, making sustainable products and working with eco-friendly vendors.  But what about homeowners?  Have we successfully carried our passion for the environment into our home energy choices?

If you are stuck with a traditional energy company for your electricity, you may have a choice of energy suppliers.  Find out what the options are for selecting one that uses wind power to generate energy.  On the other hand, if you have the option to build a home from the ground up or retrofit an existing building, you will be able to choose green energy products or install solar panels.

replacement_windows_colorado_springsBuying replacement windows in Colorado Springs isn’t always easy.  With so many companies competing for your business and so many different types of windows, homeowners often end up paying too much for the wrong windows.  Buying new replacement windows can add a lot of value to a home and are often one of its most attractive features, but beyond that they also provide convenient ventilation, easy cleaning features and superior natural light.  In an older home with inefficient windows, it’s easy to spend 30 percent more for heating and cooling than you would if the windows were replaced.


Owning a home isn’t always easy, especially when it’s time to replace windows. Ask anyone who has ever gone “window shopping.” It’s not as simple it sounds, but there are ways to make it easier. Before you buy, you will want to contact the best window contractors in Colorado Springs. As important as it is to choose the right windows for your home, it is even more important to choose the right contractor. A good contractor will install your windows correctly and help you get the most from your new windows.

How do you know which window contractors are the best in Colorado Springs?

In order to find a contractor who you can trust, there are certain questions you need to ask up front.

1) Find out if the contractor has all the appropriate licenses to install windows in your city, county or region.

2) It is very important to get confirmation that your window contractor is bonded and insured to work in Colorado Springs. This will protect you if they have an accident on your property.

3) Be sure to get in touch with your city planning commission to find out if you need any permits. If this responsibility falls on your contractor make sure he is aware of this. In some townships, separate permits are needed for windows and doors.

4) Find as your window contractor for customer referrals in Colorado Springs.

5) Set a reasonable timeline up front for the completion of the project, and ask your window contractor to confirm this in writing.

6) Stay in touch with the contractor regularly and communicate any concerns you may have. It is important that your contractor fully understands what is most important to you in this project.

7) Ask if the windows they sell are certified by the NFRC and AAMA. These two organizations, the National Fenestration Rating Council and the American Architectural Manufacturers Association, have produced certain standards for the construction of vinyl windows and composite windows. These highly technical specifications say that the windows must be constructed with high grades of vinyl and/or composite materials, as well as weather stripping, glass and hardware.

The best window contractors in Colorado Springs will be able to answer these questions satisfactorily and give you the assurance you need to move forward with the project. In short, look for window contractors in Colorado Springs who only sell windows from top-rated manufacturers at competitive prices.

replacement_windows_colorado_springsIt’s that time of year again; time to break out the ladders, the power washers and the paintbrushes, get out the garden hoses, the saws and the hammers. Home improvement season is upon us, but not every fix-up job can be done by the homeowner. If your home’s “new look” requires replacement windows from a Colorado Springs contractor, you may want to start doing some research.

What are the differences between vinyl and wood replacement windows?

In Colorado Springs, many homeowners were stuck on wood windows for awhile, that is until they got to be too expensive. Now, the average window shopper is looking for vinyl, but the differences don’t stop at price. For some people wood windows are a “must” for maintaining the rustic log cabin look or matching the architectural detailing of their home. While they do look great, wood windows are much harder to maintain and more expensive to install.

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