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What Makes Hardie Board Siding So Unique?

In Colorado Springs, you can rely on one of the James Hardie Company’s most experienced installers – Heart House Creations – to bring your design conc...


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Thursday, 20 June 2013

hardie board uniqueMost homeowners don't think much about siding or windows until the time comes to replace them and few people spend much time researching the various products available today. When siding is the question, vinyl has increasingly become the answer, but is that really the look you want for your home? In a competitive real estate market, it makes sense to put some thought into your home's curb appeal.

Why choose Hardie Board® fiber cement shingles?

James Hardie® fiber board siding uses a unique ColorPlus™ process that is a unified composition of baked on pigment and fiber cement. This combination starts out with the highest quality raw materials and uses a proprietary manufacturing process that has revolutionized the color process for homeowners. What does this mean to you? When you choose this superior siding for your home, you can be certain the color will be accurate and consistent, as well as long lasting and fade-resistant.

Unlike most popular brands of vinyl siding, the James Hardie siding color palette was developed by color a professional, whose hand-picked custom colors are designed for each area of the country. This means the palette for Colorado siding products will be different than the colors available in the Northeast. Other combinations of colors were developed with regional housing styles in mind, or other environmental surroundings, and area based on extensive research and development.

Why is fiber board siding a better deal than vinyl?

Even though James Hardie® siding and fiber board products are more expensive than vinyl, the product has been shown to increase the resale value of homes by a greater percentage than any other home improvement. Not only does it look better than vinyl, it also resists fading and warping better than vinyl.

What are the advantages of James Hardie siding over other materials?

When you consult with Heart House Creations, you will learn a lot more about the benefits of James Hardie fiber board siding. We can show you the differences up close so you can see why so many more homeowners are choosing fiber board over vinyl or wood. The advantages go far beyond mere aesthetics and resale value. Hardie Board is also more environmentally friendly than vinyl or wood, and it offers better fire resistance for your home.

If you're in the market for new siding or building a new home, you've no doubt heard many arguments for an and against vinyl siding. Perhaps you have even considered switching to wood siding, but then heard just as many negatives about that. Have you ever wished there was a "middle-of-the-road" option; one that combined the best of wood and vinyl siding into one product? Well, James Hardie® siding might be the ideal solution.

One of the most durable building products available today, James Hardie fiber cement siding is made from a combination of wood fibers and cement, pressed into a mold that takes on the character of wood grain, and offers the ideal surface for any color paint. The James Hardie Siding Company is a leader in manufacturing and developing technologies for strong, long-lasting building products.

James Hardie® siding products offer unlimited creativity

Low maintenance and weather resistant, it resists the punishing winds of the Colorado Rockies and the rotting and cracking that is common in wet climates. But even more than all of its practical features, homeowners choose James Hardie® siding for its terrific looks. Whether you're starting from scratch with a new home or remodeling an older home, James Hardie siding products offer an affordable way to add beauty to your home's exterior. Even up close, it has a rich appearance that looks a lot like wood, but it holds color better and requires very little upkeep.

James Hardie® siding is the epitome of style

Unlike traditional vinyl siding products, James Hardie's siding is available in a wide range of wood grains and textures. Because it is installed one plank at a time instead of large sections, James Hardie siding has a much more customized and appealing look. This means your projects will stand out for their artistic vision and will endure for many years to come. Instead of choosing between a small number of options available in vinyl, James Hardie® siding can bring your design ideas to life.

As you search for a contractor to install your new siding, you will find that vinyl siding contractors are everywhere, but it may not be easy to find an experienced installer of James Hardie®siding. Fortunately, in Colorado Springs you can rely on one of the James Hardie Company's most experienced installers – Heart House Creations – to bring your design concepts to realization. Since 1987, Heart House has been serving the Pikes Peak region with reliable and professional installation of siding, windows and doors.

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