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Remodeling: When is the Best Time for Big Projects?

In many cases, knowing the “perfect time” to remodel is the key to saving money on the job.


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Monday, 27 January 2014

remodeling houseIn many areas of the country, spring and summer are seen as the "remodeling seasons." While it's true that sunny days are warmer weather are ideal for working outdoors, much can be said about doing interior projects during the winter months. In many cases, knowing the "perfect time" to remodel is the key to saving money on the job. For example, carpenters and window installers are a lot less busy in the wintertime; which can make it easier to get a better deal.

Applying the laws of supply and demand to your home remodeling projects makes a lot of sense. Just like Christmas decorations are cheapest on December 26th and Halloween candy is a bargain on November 1st, the prices for building materials also fluctuate throughout the year. Whether it's paint, siding, windows or lumber you need, it pays to buy them when the cost is at an all-time low.

Spring and summer are not always the best time to remodel

By planning your projects well in advance, you will be able to accumulate materials when they are cheapest and store them until it is time to start the job. But materials are not the only portion of the job with seasonal costs. Contracts also have seasons when they cannot find enough work, as well as busy seasons when they turn away jobs. Your goal should be to find out when their labor is cheapest, and hire them then.

Have you ever been to a restaurant during the dinner rush? Maybe you sat through rush hour traffic on the way into a major city. If so, you know that certain times of the day are more convenient than others. Knowing when to remodel is not just about material cost, but about contractor availability as well. Just as your pasta dish is more likely to arrive without the extra cheese you ordered during a restaurant's busiest hours, your contractor is more likely to cut corners to save time when he has less time available to complete your job. Additionally, when every contractor within a 6 mile radius is putting in orders for hardwood flooring or replacement windows, there's a greater chance that orders will get delayed or mixed up, causing everyone involved a little more aggravation!

When is it foolish to remodel in the off-season?

In some parts of the country it would be foolhardy to schedule a remodeling project during the winter months. For example, installing a pool in Massachusetts during the winter will not be wise because the ground is frozen sold. However, it does make sense to schedule installs either in the beginning or tail end of the season, when contractors have fewer projects to contend with. Not only is your job likely to cost less, it will be done with greater attention to detail than it would be during the busy season.

What are the best times to remodel?

The answer to this question depends on the type of project you are planning. In many cases, it is best to start it one or two months ahead of time, before everyone else starts calling. For example, people generally ignore their furnaces during summer and early fall, so have yours checked in late summer. The same goes for air conditioning units. Whenever possible, have them checked in the fall, not the middle of summer. Instead of waiting until mid-summer to replace windows, have them done in early spring. That deck you want will need to be planned way ahead of time, so why not reach out to a designer over the winter months?

While it would be impossible to list every project that is slightly off-season in one article, remember that knowing when to schedule your jobs is often more about planning and less about the weather. Try to get your major remodeling projects solidified well in advance of the actual start-date. Like many seasoned contractors will tell you, the best time to remodel is always, but only when a project has been thoroughly planned out.

Two of the jobs to consider this spring will be replacing old windows and doors, as this is a quick way to enhance the curb appeal of your home. Another popular project for Colorado Springs home remodelers is James Hardie's HardieBoard fiber cement siding. This durable building material allows homeowners greater customization with color and texture, as well as better insulation, easy maintenance and improved home resale value.

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