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Why Cement Siding is Preferred by Colorado Springs Homeowners

Heart House Creations is a home remodeling contractor who has been beautifying Colorado Springs homes since 1989. Visit their web site at HeartHouse.c...


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Sunday, 27 March 2011

colorado_springs_cement_sidingIt’s officially spring, and that mean’s home improvement projects are in full swing.Just drive down any street in a residential neighborhood and you are likely to see signs from various remodelers posted on front lawns.But how many of these improvements will really help the homeowner increase their home’s resale value?If you own a home in Colorado Springs, cement siding may be the best investment you can make to increase resale value.


According to the Cost vs. Value report, published annually by Remodeling Magazine, nearly 90 percent of the cost of fiber cement siding will be returned to the homeowner at the time of sale.For the fourth year in a row, one Colorado Springs cement siding installer has been promoting this honor, and extolling the benefits of choosing fiber cement over vinyl or wood.Looking at the projects underway throughout the Pikes Peak region, it looks like homeowners have been listening.

James Hardie siding, also known as “Hardie Board” is the nation’s number one siding product, and Heart House Creations is the only preferred remodeler chosen to represent James Hardie fiber cement siding in Colorado Springs. If you are a Colorado Springs homeowner who is just learning about fiber cement siding for the first time, rest assured that this product is not new - it has been around for more than 100 years. Because it is made from natural materials such as sand, water, cement and recycled fibers, it is considered a “green” building product.

So what’s the main reason why Colorado Springs loves cement siding? For one thing, fiber cement siding is more durable and long-lasting than other materials, and it stands up to the most challenging Colorado weather. It also has the unique ability to mimic the appearance of more expensive cladding materials such as cedar shake and wood. 

Heart House Creations is a home remodeling contractor who has been beautifying Colorado Springs homes since 1989.  Visit their web site at to learn more about this Colorado Springs cement siding installer and the James Hardie siding products they sell. 

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