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Monday, 13 December 2010

colorado_springs_cement_sidingMost homeowners are at least somewhat familiar with vinyl siding, but unless you have lived in an area that is affected by harsh weather, cement siding is not quite as common.  When people first learn about Hardie Board from a Colorado Springs cement siding contractor, the concept of cement siding is quite foreign to them.  They often picture something entirely different than what it actually looks like.  Cement siding is often called fiber cement siding because it is made up of more than just cement.  Other elements include sand and cellulose fiber, which is steam-treated to increase its strength and durability.

As a Colorado Springs cement siding contractor, I always recommend fiber cement Hardie Board siding over wood or vinyl.  First of all, Fiber planks and shingles are usually less expensive than wood and they require less maintenance.  They don’t warp and will rarely crack, even in the most extreme weather conditions.  Plus, the Hardie Board products I install are guaranteed to last.  Advanced color technology ensures the color won’t fade because it is more than just a surface tint; it goes deep into each plank or shingle.

Most of my Colorado Springs cement siding clients buy it for its good looks, but there is much more to this material than appearance. Its strength alone makes it one of the best siding materials on the market today.  Unlike other natural materials, cement siding resists water damage because it is impermeable to water.  This prevents it from being susceptible to rot and damage-causing insects too. 

According to Remodeling Magazine, Hardie Board siding provides the best return-on-investment of any home remodeling project.  This means that homeowners recoup most or all of their money when they sell their home. 

Heart House Creations has been a reliable Colorado Springs cement siding contractor for over 21 years, providing many homeowners in the area with windows, siding and other home remodeling projects.

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