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Cement Board Siding



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As if we needed another reason to recommend James Hardie “Hardie Board” cement siding, there is one important benefit that doesn’t get a lot of publicity from the building community - it is the fire safety of fiber cement shingles.

As a Colorado Springs cement siding contractor, I am often asked by homeowners which siding material is the most ecologically friendly, and which one returns the highest resale value. The answer to both of these questions is cement siding.

The line of Hardie Board fiber cement shingles. While resale value and “green” building are both excellent reasons to choose fiber cement, making your home more fire safe is an important consideration. 

While there is no way to guarantee a “fireproof” home, Colorado Springs cement siding is an excellent way to protect your home from serious fire damage.  On the James Hardie web site, homeowners can find a wealth of information about the fire safety organizations who recommend fiber cement building products. 

The siding of a house is not a cheap investment, and people want to get the best bang for their buck. Especially because Colorado Springs is in a higher elevation, choosing a siding that will work for your house and last is difficult. If you’ve ever talked to a contractor about the best materials to use on the outside of your home, it’s likely he or she recommended Hardie Board. There are so many different brands, materials and features for the types of siding available, and to the average person it’s easier to talk to a Colorado Springs siding professional to really understand your options - Hardie Board being one of them.

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

The Facts About Cement Board Siding

cement_board_sidingPeople often wonder, "What is the difference between Hardie Board and cement board siding?"

One particular contractor in Colorado Springs relishes the opportunity to expound upon the finer points of Hardie Board, but according to most contractors they are relatively the same thing.  Hardie Board is the best known brand of cement board siding, which is often called fiber cement.  The James Hardie product is so familiar in the building industry that people often forget that it is a brand.

Home owners prefer cement board siding because it so closely resembles other building materials.  For example, homeowners can choose from a wood grain finish, a stucco look, or a smooth plank that appears more like vinyl siding.

All fiber cement products are waterproof and designed to hold up in extremely strong rain, winds, hail and salt air.  Hardie Board is also extremely fire resistant.


If you spend a lot of time traveling this summer, you may notice something different about each area of the country.  There are many cultural and historical reasons why residential architecture looks different in the southwest than it does in the Northeast; but it is the climate makes the difference between building materials. Colorado Springs siding contractors recommend fiber cement over vinyl and wood, but not just because it gives a home a sturdier and richer exterior.  They love it because of its weather resistance and long-term durability.

Most homeowners don’t like to replace the siding on their home unless it’s needed.  It’s easy to put of an expensive project like this when the economy is in flux.  For people who want to change the look of their home frequently, Colorado Springs siding contractors often recommend fiber cement by James Hardie Siding.

Primarily, the reason for this is that the material can be painted any color that the homeowner desires without the need to buy new siding.  When compared to wood siding, fiber cement is far more economical and easy to maintain.  Because it retains its color and holds paint so well, there is no need to worry about fading over time.  Alternatively, if you buy vinyl siding there is no way to change the color of it without buying new siding.

If you prefer the richness and texture of wood over vinyl siding, you are not alone.  Colorado Springs siding contractors hear this quite often, especially from homeowners who want their home to have a rustic look.  What’s nice about fiber cement is the fact that it offers a natural texture that resembles realistic wood grains, just like you would see on a plank of cedar siding.  James Hardie fiber cement siding is available in many different natural colors and unique sizes to meet any designer’s specifications.

As Colorado Springs siding contractors, the team at Hearthouse wants you to be happy with your choice of siding, whether you choose fiber cement, vinyl or wood.  But in the higher elevations, you will find several cabin owners purchasing homes made with fiber cement siding.  In colder temperatures, vinyl siding can become brittle, and it can easily be damaged by hail.  Since Colorado has both of these issues, it is refreshing to find a building material that stands up to the elements.

colorado_springs_cement_sidingIt’s officially spring, and that mean’s home improvement projects are in full swing.Just drive down any street in a residential neighborhood and you are likely to see signs from various remodelers posted on front lawns.But how many of these improvements will really help the homeowner increase their home’s resale value?If you own a home in Colorado Springs, cement siding may be the best investment you can make to increase resale value.


According to the Cost vs. Value report, published annually by Remodeling Magazine, nearly 90 percent of the cost of fiber cement siding will be returned to the homeowner at the time of sale.For the fourth year in a row, one Colorado Springs cement siding installer has been promoting this honor, and extolling the benefits of choosing fiber cement over vinyl or wood.Looking at the projects underway throughout the Pikes Peak region, it looks like homeowners have been listening.

colorado_springs_cement_siding_2Over the past few years, it seems that homeowners in Colorado Springs have changed their opinions somewhat on vinyl siding. It could be that too many people purchased the wrong type of siding for this climate, and ended up replacing earlier than expected, or perhaps they have discovered a new product; one that has been featured on many of the popular home improvement shows. Whatever has been happening, one thing is clear; in Colorado Springs, cement siding is hot.

colorado_springs_cement_sidingMost homeowners are at least somewhat familiar with vinyl siding, but unless you have lived in an area that is affected by harsh weather, cement siding is not quite as common.  When people first learn about Hardie Board from a Colorado Springs cement siding contractor, the concept of cement siding is quite foreign to them.  They often picture something entirely different than what it actually looks like.  Cement siding is often called fiber cement siding because it is made up of more than just cement.  Other elements include sand and cellulose fiber, which is steam-treated to increase its strength and durability.


colorado_springs_cement_siding_productsBuilding products are not always the first thing that come to mind when one thinks about helping the environment; most people think of things like recycling, wind energy and hybrid vehicles. But “green and sustainable” building products are a way that homeowners can be kind to the environment while beautifying their homes. One Colorado Springs cement siding products contractor offers a way to create more sustainable homes that will have a long term positive impact on the environment. By using James Hardie Cement Siding®., Heart House Creations can guarantee their customers’ a beautiful and durable exterior that meets the building industry’s standards of sustainability.