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Colorado Springs blog focusing on replacement windows, home improvement and James Hardie cement siding.

This is the blog of Heart House Windows and Siding of Colorado Springs. This blog is dedicated to providing tips and ideas to home owners about replacement windows, home improvement suggestions and tips, as well as care and tips for HardiePlank cement siding.

james_hardie_siding__fiber_boardFiber board siding may not be popular in every part of the country, but it has really taken off in the Southwest. Perhaps this is due to its sturdiness and attractive texture, but James Hardie siding is gaining converts like never before. Fiber board siding has been around forever, and it’s always been billed as “low maintenance,” “long lasting” and “worth the investment,” but it looks like it is really catching on.

Over the past several years, fiber board siding has been singled out by Remodeling Magazine in their Cost vs. Value Report as one of the best investments a homeowner can make toward resale value. With so many more homeowners staying where they are, and home equity rates at record lows, more people are remodeling with James Hardie siding, but there are still skeptics out there who want more information.

replacement_windows_colorado_springsDespite falling temperatures, this is a busy time for buying replacement windows in Colorado Springs. It’s easy to put off a window replacement when the weather is pleasant, but as soon as it turns stormy and cold, those drafty windows become impossible to live with. If you’ve never purchased replacement windows before, you may be surprised at how many kinds are available. Depending on your price range, you could spend anywhere from a couple hundred to a few thousand dollars on a single window.

As a company that sells a lot of replacement windows in Colorado Springs, we are often asked to explain the differences between wood and vinyl replacement windows.

colorado_springs_hardie_board_productsIf you only could do one improvement to your Colorado Springs home, what would it be? A lot of people might consider redoing the kitchen or bathroom, hiring a professional landscaper, or fixing up the backyard. But the truth is, Colorado Springs homes sell faster with Hardie Board siding from the James Hardie Company.

As the only preferred remodeler for the James Hardie Company in Colorado Springs, Heart House is well-versed on the benefits of fiber cement siding. The highlights of choosing Hardie board is the long-lasting beauty it brings. Over the past five years, james Hardie Fiber Cement siding has received numerous accolades from home remodeling magazines for helping increase a home’s resale value, James Hardie fiber cement siding is a concept that’s sweeping the nation. It comes in 20 beautiful colors and is specifically engineered to match several different climates. Residents of Colorado Springs love the look of Hardie Board for its natural texture and richness, but also it matches up so well with the architecture of the region.


No matter where you live, the housing market has presented some challenges with selling a home. With construction slower than ever and so many unsold homes on the market, sellers are looking for a way to differentiate their homes. Whether you plan to sell your home or stay where you are, James Hardie’s maintenance free siding is a great way to add value to your home. Not only can fiber cement “Hardie Board” siding make your home more attractive to a buyer, it will give your home a whole new look. Even new homeowners who bought a short sale or foreclosed home will be interested in fixing up the property. Adding maintenance free siding and other outdoor improvements will have an immediate impact on curb appeal.


Owning a home isn’t always easy, especially when it’s time to replace windows. Ask anyone who has ever gone “window shopping.” It’s not as simple it sounds, but there are ways to make it easier. Before you buy, you will want to contact the best window contractors in Colorado Springs. As important as it is to choose the right windows for your home, it is even more important to choose the right contractor. A good contractor will install your windows correctly and help you get the most from your new windows.

How do you know which window contractors are the best in Colorado Springs?

In order to find a contractor who you can trust, there are certain questions you need to ask up front.

1) Find out if the contractor has all the appropriate licenses to install windows in your city, county or region.

2) It is very important to get confirmation that your window contractor is bonded and insured to work in Colorado Springs. This will protect you if they have an accident on your property.

3) Be sure to get in touch with your city planning commission to find out if you need any permits. If this responsibility falls on your contractor make sure he is aware of this. In some townships, separate permits are needed for windows and doors.

4) Find as your window contractor for customer referrals in Colorado Springs.

5) Set a reasonable timeline up front for the completion of the project, and ask your window contractor to confirm this in writing.

6) Stay in touch with the contractor regularly and communicate any concerns you may have. It is important that your contractor fully understands what is most important to you in this project.

7) Ask if the windows they sell are certified by the NFRC and AAMA. These two organizations, the National Fenestration Rating Council and the American Architectural Manufacturers Association, have produced certain standards for the construction of vinyl windows and composite windows. These highly technical specifications say that the windows must be constructed with high grades of vinyl and/or composite materials, as well as weather stripping, glass and hardware.

The best window contractors in Colorado Springs will be able to answer these questions satisfactorily and give you the assurance you need to move forward with the project. In short, look for window contractors in Colorado Springs who only sell windows from top-rated manufacturers at competitive prices.

replacement_windows_colorado_springs_2In addition to allowing plenty of natural sunlight into your home, casement windows are some of the most economical replacement windows available in Colorado Springs.  Homeowners who purchased their home recently may be completely new to the process of buying replacement windows and may have a lot of questions.  For example, which windows open the widest?  Which ones are easiest to clean?  Which replacement windows will be energy efficient for a Colorado Springs home?  Which ones last the longest?  The list goes on and on. 

Learning the facts about casement windows will give you the peace of mind to know which windows to choose when it comes time to make home improvements.  You will learn why these single hinged windows open wider than any other type of window and how easy they are too clean.  Plus, because they project outward, casement windows also let in more natural ventilation. 


If you spend a lot of time traveling this summer, you may notice something different about each area of the country.  There are many cultural and historical reasons why residential architecture looks different in the southwest than it does in the Northeast; but it is the climate makes the difference between building materials. Colorado Springs siding contractors recommend fiber cement over vinyl and wood, but not just because it gives a home a sturdier and richer exterior.  They love it because of its weather resistance and long-term durability.

Most homeowners don’t like to replace the siding on their home unless it’s needed.  It’s easy to put of an expensive project like this when the economy is in flux.  For people who want to change the look of their home frequently, Colorado Springs siding contractors often recommend fiber cement by James Hardie Siding.

Primarily, the reason for this is that the material can be painted any color that the homeowner desires without the need to buy new siding.  When compared to wood siding, fiber cement is far more economical and easy to maintain.  Because it retains its color and holds paint so well, there is no need to worry about fading over time.  Alternatively, if you buy vinyl siding there is no way to change the color of it without buying new siding.

If you prefer the richness and texture of wood over vinyl siding, you are not alone.  Colorado Springs siding contractors hear this quite often, especially from homeowners who want their home to have a rustic look.  What’s nice about fiber cement is the fact that it offers a natural texture that resembles realistic wood grains, just like you would see on a plank of cedar siding.  James Hardie fiber cement siding is available in many different natural colors and unique sizes to meet any designer’s specifications.

As Colorado Springs siding contractors, the team at Hearthouse wants you to be happy with your choice of siding, whether you choose fiber cement, vinyl or wood.  But in the higher elevations, you will find several cabin owners purchasing homes made with fiber cement siding.  In colder temperatures, vinyl siding can become brittle, and it can easily be damaged by hail.  Since Colorado has both of these issues, it is refreshing to find a building material that stands up to the elements.

replacement_windows_colorado_springsIt’s that time of year again; time to break out the ladders, the power washers and the paintbrushes, get out the garden hoses, the saws and the hammers. Home improvement season is upon us, but not every fix-up job can be done by the homeowner. If your home’s “new look” requires replacement windows from a Colorado Springs contractor, you may want to start doing some research.

What are the differences between vinyl and wood replacement windows?

In Colorado Springs, many homeowners were stuck on wood windows for awhile, that is until they got to be too expensive. Now, the average window shopper is looking for vinyl, but the differences don’t stop at price. For some people wood windows are a “must” for maintaining the rustic log cabin look or matching the architectural detailing of their home. While they do look great, wood windows are much harder to maintain and more expensive to install.


Every area of the country has a slightly different way of looking at home building products, but as exterior siding products have improved, homeowners in the Pikes Peak region are finding that in Colorado Springs, HardiPlank siding is preferable to vinyl.  If your home is in need of new siding, don’t just go out and get the same vinyl siding you had before.  You have a unique opportunity to change the way your home looks completely by switching to James Hardie’s HardiePlank siding.

colorado_springs_replacement_windows_4If you own a home in Colorado Springs, now is the time to start your annual home improvement projects.  Most homeowners can do a lot of their own home-related projects, but when it comes to Colorado Springs replacement windows, they need the help of a professional.   If you need to replace a few windows in your home, don’t wait until the last few weeks of warm weather; schedule your window installation now.  It won’t be long before the best Colorado Springs replacement windows installers are booked solid for the rest of the summer. 

Before contacting a window installer for your Colorado Springs replacement windows, do your homework online.  One of the best things about the Internet is how it provides consumers with free information about just about any home improvement project.  Conduct an online search for “Colorado Springs replacement windows” and start learning as much as you can about windows.  The best contractors will often have web sites that provide in-depth information about the products they sell, so you can get a general idea of what to expect before scheduling a consultation.  Here, you will be able to read testimonials from satisfied customers, product information from the window manufacturers, and even view pictures of finished jobs in the Colorado Springs area. 

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