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Colorado Springs blog focusing on replacement windows, home improvement and James Hardie cement siding.


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This is the blog of Heart House Windows and Siding of Colorado Springs. This blog is dedicated to providing tips and ideas to home owners about replacement windows, home improvement suggestions and tips, as well as care and tips for HardiePlank cement siding.

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

The Facts About Cement Board Siding

cement_board_sidingPeople often wonder, "What is the difference between Hardie Board and cement board siding?"

One particular contractor in Colorado Springs relishes the opportunity to expound upon the finer points of Hardie Board, but according to most contractors they are relatively the same thing.  Hardie Board is the best known brand of cement board siding, which is often called fiber cement.  The James Hardie product is so familiar in the building industry that people often forget that it is a brand.

Home owners prefer cement board siding because it so closely resembles other building materials.  For example, homeowners can choose from a wood grain finish, a stucco look, or a smooth plank that appears more like vinyl siding.

All fiber cement products are waterproof and designed to hold up in extremely strong rain, winds, hail and salt air.  Hardie Board is also extremely fire resistant.

colorado springs replacement windows 3If you have recently purchased a home might not think they need to worry about replacement windows for quite some time, but that’s not necessarily true.  The age of a home isn’t the only indicator that new windows are needed.  In many cases, when a new home is built, the windows aren’t a perfect fit and they are rarely the best quality. This can make even the nicest new home feel drafty and it can also cause your energy costs to skyrocket.  We asked a Colorado Springs replacement window contractor to weigh in on this burning question – How do you know when it’s time for new windows?

siding contractorsWhen one considers all the different building materials available to homeowners today, sustainable building products might not be the first thing that comes to mind. Besides, when consumers think about helping the environment they usually imagine themselves recycling, driving a hybrid car or using wind or solar power, not using sustainable shingles. However, “green and sustainable” building products are one way that homeowners can be kind to the environment while beautifying their homes.

Not every Colorado Springs cement siding contractor offers a way to create more sustainable homes like this, but it has become a growing trend. Hopefully the long-term positive effect of this trend will help the environment, but are all sustainable products created equal? By using the James Hardie brand of cement siding, also known as HardieBoard®, homeowners are guaranteed a beautiful and durable exterior that meets the building industry’s standards of sustainability.

colorado springs replacement windows 4A lot of home improvement contractors will try and sell you on how much their particular product will save you in energy costs, or how much it will increase the resale value of your home. The truth is, many of these projects are less about cost savings than they are about curb appeal. The next time you hear a claim about energy savings, ask your contractor how much you can expect to save on your energy bill. After all, if the benefits don’t outweigh the cost of the improvement it would hardly be a worthwhile investment.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

5 Remodeling Trends for 2014-15

colorado springs divorce attorney 2It may seem like summer just ended, but the home improvement industry is already decorating for Halloween. Early fall through the end of the year is a popular time for homeowners to start remodeling, and the industry is already abuzz about the trends for 2015. In fact, many remodelers and contractors are retooling their marketing messages so they speak to the changing needs of the American homeowner.

colorado springs sidingAs one of the best-known Colorado Springs home improvement contractors, we get a lot of questions about how to restore older homes. Some of our clients will go to great lengths to use only the finest materials, restoring the home to its original splendor; but the majority of homeowners don’t have the resources to splurge on a full restoration.
In many cases, the wood siding has been so badly neglected and water-damaged it requires a complete overhaul. While many homeowners will be tempted to put up vinyl siding, this can act as an exterior vapor barrier, trapping moisture within the walls and hastening decay. Additionally, vinyl siding cracks easily in Colorado’s colder temperatures and its color will fade over time.

home improvementsSplurging on that dream kitchen this year? Or is it the new deck out back? Before spending large sums of money on your home this summer, be sure they will provide a nice return on investment. If your projects don’t add considerable value to the home then they might not be worth it, especially if you plan on moving within the next ten years.

One of the first questions you should ask yourself is “How much will this improvement add to the value of my home?" In most cases, the value added will not exceed the actual cost of the improvement, but there are some home renovations that bring more bang for your buck than others.

window replacementNow that summer is just around the corner, homeowners are starting to take a serious look at the condition of their homes. Exterior siding, garage doors, driveways and gardens are all major considerations when looking at cosmetic improvements, and while they all have a place in seasonal projects, nothing is more beneficial than replacing windows. Windows not only add beauty to the outside of your home; they also help reduce heating and cooling costs.

hardie boardNow that spring is here, homeowners turn their attention to the outside of their homes. Instead of painting the living room or getting new kitchen cabinets, many will decide that this is the year for new siding. Landscaping and flower baskets may be nice, but they cannot hide the fact that siding needs to be replaced. The only problem is that it's hard to sit down and plan out a project like this without a specific contractor in mind.

James Hardie Siding 05A lot of homeowners skip this step and prefer to work on a more exciting home improvement, but it is important to clean your home's siding. Clean siding will stay in good repair, which will extend its life much longer. Fortunately, you don't need any special skills to keep your siding in great shape. You won't even need to do it yourself.

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