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As if we needed another reason to recommend James Hardie “Hardie Board” cement siding, there is one important benefit that doesn’t get a lot of publicity from the building community - it is the fire safety of fiber cement shingles.

As a Colorado Springs cement siding contractor, I am often asked by homeowners which siding material is the most ecologically friendly, and which one returns the highest resale value. The answer to both of these questions is cement siding.

The line of Hardie Board fiber cement shingles. While resale value and “green” building are both excellent reasons to choose fiber cement, making your home more fire safe is an important consideration. 

While there is no way to guarantee a “fireproof” home, Colorado Springs cement siding is an excellent way to protect your home from serious fire damage.  On the James Hardie web site, homeowners can find a wealth of information about the fire safety organizations who recommend fiber cement building products. 

These include:

  • The Firewise Communities initiative is a national effort to involve homeowners, city planners and developers in the process of protecting property from the risks of wild land fires. 
  • The FLASH organization (Federal Alliance for Safe Homes) is a non-profit organization dedicated to disaster safety and preparedness. This agency recommends using fire-resistant eaves and soffits, as well as fire-resistant masonry, fiber cement or stucco siding.
  • The Colorado State Forest Service also recommends the use of noncombustible construction materials on siding and walls, specifically stone, brick and stucco materials. 

Colorado Springs cement siding is best installed by a contractor who specializes in this material. The James Hardie Company recommends having your fiber cement siding installed by one of their preferred contractors. For Colorado Springs cement siding, Heart House is an elite preferred James Hardie contractor.

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HardieZones Help You Choose the Ideal Siding for Your Climate HardieZones Help You Choose the Ideal Siding for Your Climate

No matter which area of the country you call home, the weather can take its toll on your siding. This rings no truer than in Colorado Springs. With high-highs and low-lows, Colorado Springs is the perfect storm of tough weather for your siding. So when you decided to choose a siding company to invest in for your home, you want to know that it will hold up to the Winter chill and Summer heat.

That’s why James Hardie® siding is created with your climate in mind. They have come up with a way to help customers in Colorado Springs buy Hardie Board® siding based on specific performance attributes that relate to the “HardieZone” where they live.

While competing companies only offer a one-size-fits-all approach to your home’s exterior, James Hardie® sells their fiber cement siding products based on eight different climatic variables.

Using the HardieZone™ System, it is easy for Colorado Springs homeowners to choose the right type of Hardie Board® siding for them. When you work with a James Hardie Preferred Contractor, they will often show customers a video on HardieZone™ and allow them to examine the various products available for their home. There are actually ten different climatic zones available, but your siding contractor will identify the right type of siding and install it to the homeowner’s specifications.

James Hardie® fiber cement siding is known for its durability and long lasting beauty. Unlike other siding materials, Hardie Board® is designed to last for up to fifty years without rotting, cracking, or other weather related problems. It is also considered one of the few “green and sustainable” building products available in the siding industry. To learn more about Hardie Board products and how they can pay you back when you sell your home, contact the Colorado Springs Hardie Board® specialists at Heart House Creations.

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James Hardie Siding and Fiber Board – The Perfect Home Improvement

james_hardie_siding__fiber_boardWhether you plan to make improvements to your home because it is in desperate need of updates or because you want to improve the home's value to sell it, often times making a list of what should be fixed helps homeowners to evaluate which improvements are the most important.

Picking a project like updating the kitchen or bathroom can be costly and inconvenient to the people who live there, and small changes like painting the living room may not be as much of a change as you'd like. While these projects do improve the look of a home, consider replacing the siding on your house with James Hardie siding. Not only will getting new siding for your Colorado Springs home make the house look better, it will also give the homeowner a return on investment when it comes time to sell. 


Why replace your home's siding with Hardie Board?

Although a home improvement project like updating a kitchen or installing a new shower in a bathroom can seem like something that will give you instant gratification and a change in your everyday life, that doesn't necessarily mean it's the most needed project or the best project to improve your home's value. One of the best reasons to replace your home's siding with fiber cement siding like James Hardie fiber board siding is because of the value your home will get instantly and in the long term.

If you plan to sell your home within the next 10 years or so, it's important to pick a home improvment project that will give you a big return on investment, and replacing your siding does just that when you pick good materials. James Hardie fiber board siding is built to last, which means that your house's new look won't just turn your neighbors' heads when it's first replaced, but it will continue to look beautiful for years with its rich look and pretty colors.

Hardie boards are made using a process the company calls a ColorPlus™ process. They start off with the highest quality raw materials, before using a proprietary manufacturing process that has revolutionized the color process for homeowners. Each region of the United States has different colors available. This isn't just because of trends in homes and design, but because of the environment of every reason. James Hardie siding is made to be fade-resistant and long lasting, but different weather in different areas can mean different needs to keep the colors bright and accurate. By offering different siding colors in different states, you'll know the siding you're buying is meant specifically for the outside environment it will be exposed to, and the colors will stay looking new for longer. This means your house looks great from the start, but you'll save money in the future because you won't have to replace the siding as often.

James Hardie fiber boarding siding is also fire resistant, which is very important in a city like Colorado Springs where the weather is often dry, and fires have been an issue in the past five years. Obviously siding can't keep a house from burning down, however it can help to prevent great tragedies. Other sidings may be more susceptible to fires and other natural damages.


One of the most greatest reasons to pick fiber cement siding over vinyl siding is because of it's return on investment when it comes time for the resale of your home. It may seem as if James Hardie products and other fiber siding brands are more expensive than vinyl siding, however the most important thing to remember is that you get what you pay for. Fiber siding has has been shown to improve the resale value of homes by a greater percentage than any other home improvement. You'll save money because you won't have to continue to replace your siding more often, and you'll prevent any home issues that may come up because your siding needs replacing. As with any home improvement project, there's going to be a cost, but you should always be sure that the cost is worth the spending.

The best way to determine if replacing your home's vinyl siding with fiber cement siding will be a good home improvement project for your home is to talk to a Colorado Springs James Hardie board contractor. You should ask to see the differences in the Hardie board, other fiber cement siding, vinyl and wood siding. By asking a contractor and having them do an estimate on your home, you'll be able to know for sure that Hardie board is right for you and you can move forward with the home improvement project with clear expectations on budget and advantages.

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Why Homeowners in Colorado Springs Choose HardieBoard® over Vinyl

colorado_springs_hardie_board_productsIf you’ve ever asked a contractor about the best material to use on outside of your home in Colorado Springs, Hardie Board® was probably included in their recommendation.

Until they learn about the benefits of Hardie Board, most people don’t realize how different this material is from basic vinyl siding.

Instead of asking for two separate contractors to provide an estimate, it makes sense to do some research ahead of time about the various types of siding available for your home.

Here is a brief overview of the differences between Colorado Springs Hardie Board® products and vinyl siding, both offered by Heart House Creations:

Fire Resistance 

James Hardie siding is fire resistant as opposed to vinyl siding which will melt and/or warp at high enough temperatures from fires. Because of its fire resistance, most homeowners qualify for an insurance discount when using James Hardie Siding.

Cost & Maintenance

While vinyl siding is less expensive, it can expand, contract, sag or change colors over time. One key benefit of vinyl is it never needs to be repainted

Hardie Board® products will need to be painted intermittently but it stands up better to wet and cold climates than vinyl. Because James Hardie uses ColorPlus® technology in the manufacturing process, it is also more fade-resistant.

Fiber cement products like Hardie Board® also resist chipping, peeling and cracking

Their HardiePlank® Lap Siding comes with a 30 year limited warranty that is transferrable from one homeowner to the next and all James Hardie Siding products come with a 15 year finish warranty.

James Hardie Siding products are often recommended for homes in higher elevations because of their ability to handle sudden temperature variations that are common in the mountains and at high elevations.

When comparing the two different types of siding for your Colorado Springs home, you should take into consideration what type of investment you are making, both in cost, maintenance and your ability to protect your home from potential weather and natural disasters. Most Colorado Springs siding installers will recommend Hardie Board® as their first choice because it is superior to vinyl siding in these aspects. While it may have a higher initial cost, it will last longer than vinyl siding and withstand the elements making it a better investment overall.

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Shopping Tips for Colorado Springs Vinyl Windows Shopping Tips for Colorado Springs Vinyl Windows

When you buy a home, whether it’s your first house, or one in a line of many you’ve owned, you’re making an investment. As with any investment you may make, you want to take care of it and not only make sure you’re getting your money’s worth, but also making money on it when possible.

This is why maintaining your home is so important - a well-maintained or updated home can not only help you to make back your money when you decide to sell, but it sometimes can increase the value of the home too.Especially in a city like Colorado Springs where there are wet winters, high altitude, rough winds and dry summers, the maintenance of your home is important because it can prevent further damage and more costs.

Making timely home improvements can lower your energy costs, beautify your home and increase its resale value, but it is important that you search out the best quality materials. For projects like replacing siding or windows, it’s best to talk to a Colorado Springs window contractor to not only get a professional’s opinion, but to learn up front about the various grades of windows and how to know you’ve found a quality material. One home improvement that can get you a good bang for your buck is investing in vinyl windows.


Shopping Tips for Vinyl Windows

Even if you’re an expert on upkeep with a house, it’s always good to go to an expert when it comes to something as important as windows. Vinyl Windows are so popular these days because they are an energy efficient solution that works well in almost any home needing a facelift, but there are dramatic differences between windows. They are low-maintenance and usually a top choice when replacing a leaky or rotting wood window, but there are still some issues to get past when picking vinyl windows.

Over time, white vinyl can yellow, colors can fade, and the material can even crack. Usually you can tell the difference in the types of vinyl windows because they are labeled. This shows the different AAMA certifications on the frames of their windows. In order to get the most bang for your buck and keep from having to replace your vinyl windows constantly, there are a few ways to really take into consideration what windows you’re getting.

One of the most important things to think about when buying vinyl windows is to aim for the best quality windows you can get. Yes, sometimes other windows may be more affordable, but the better the vinyl, the more likely your windows will be protected against fading, yellowing and even becoming brittle or splinter-like. The extrusions on the sash and frame should have well welded corners, as well as well-made internal air chambers. Because of the variable climate of Colorado Springs, you want to pick windows with the best quality PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) and with the greatest number of chambers, too. Both of these play a factor in efficiency during the colder months.

You should also be ready to assess the glass in the window. A good quality window has spacers between the double panes to minimize heat loss. Certain coatings can help your windows to reflect heat in the summer and keep out cold in the winter. They also help to keep furniture or photos in the house protected from fading due to sunshine.

As with any home project or investment, you really need to take the time to study the warranty and read the fine print. Make sure the warranty covers any potential problems and that it can be transferred to a new homeowner if you sell the home. Also be sure to read that the windows are Energy Star qualified, and that it has been verified by the National Fenestration Rating Council, which will let you know that you can depend on the window’s efficiency and airtightness.

Although choosing a color is more of a fun part of buying vinyl windows, it is still important when it comes to how you’ll care for and maintain your new windows. Colors can fade or go out of style, so keep this in mind when picking what you want. You can order colors to match your exterior paint or to contrast like a trim would. Yellowing can sometimes occur in sunny areas, so if that is something you want to avoid, a white trim facing the sun may not be a good plan. As always, a Colorado Springs window contractor can help you to determine that.

Talk to your window contractor

No matter how much research you may do on your own, it never hurts to seek the help of an expert. If you feel comfortable, ask a few contractors what they’d recommend and sort through the quotes before making a firm decision. Talk to them about how you’ll have to care for your new vinyl windows, if there’s anything you shouldn’t do, and if they could recommend businesses in the area to clean your windows if you decide you’d rather that happen. Your Colorado Springs vinyl windows contractor should be able to answer all of your questions, as well as give you any resources to help you in the future.

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Why do homeowners in Colorado Springs choose vinyl windows? Why do homeowners in Colorado Springs choose vinyl windows?

Home repairs and updates aren’t always fun. Especially when the change is something that doesn’t seem like it’s going to make a big impact in your everyday life, like a kitchen renovation does, it can can be hard to be excited about repairs and replacements. Window repairs can sometimes feel that way. It’s difficult to fully understand why you should spend the time and money to buy new windows, but there are plenty of benefits to it, especially if you invest in vinyl windows. Colorado Springs vinyl siding is something most people are aware of, but vinyl windows can also be a great investment for your home, especially if you’re truly aware of the benefits of them.

Simonton windows are a popular choice for vinyl windows and doors and are what many Colorado Springs window replacement companies use, including Heart House. Despite feeling overwhelmed from choices and a lack of knowledge, you can feel confident in investing in Simonton vinyl windows for your Colorado Springs home.

They are energy efficient.

One of the biggest reasons people decide to replace their windows is because of the affect the windows are having on their energy bills. Older homes with original windows don’t always keep the hot or cold air out as well as they could. There’s usually cracks in the framing or they no longer fit perfectly after years of weathering. In general, any new windows can mean more energy efficiency if a home has windows that are letting in air, however Simonton vinyl windows do more than that. The company is an ENERGY STAR partner, and the vinyl helps reduce the cost of heating and cooling because of the density of the windows. Not only are drafts near the window a thing of the past, but the windows will prevent the air from outside from cooling or heating the inside of the house as easily, meaning the heater or A/C will run much less than usual.

Vinyl windows can keep noise out.

These windows don’t just keep the cold air out. If you live in a neighborhood with a lot of traffic or a lot of social activity, the noise can be distracting and annoying. Everyone has that neighbor who MUST mow his or her lawn at 6 a.m. on a weekend, or the kids across the street who throw late night, rowdy parties every time mom and dad go out of town for the weekend. These things don’t have to be a factor in your life - at least not when it comes to noise. Replacement windows with laminate glass can truly keep noise out and keep you sleeping or relaxing when you want to. There’s no need to let your neighbors’ noisy decisions to affect you from inside your house.

Protect your belongings in more than one way.

Windows can either damage or protect your home in more than one way, and a Colorado Springs vinyl siding and window company can help prevent both of them. The first is the damage caused by UV rays entering your home through windows. Choosing windows with Low E glass can not only provide great energy efficiency, but reduce the damage on furniture from the sun. Sunlight can cause photos on the wall or fabric on couches and chairs to lose their color, but using vinyl windows will keep the UV out and your belongings looking good.

New windows can also protect your belongings, and you, with safety features that some old windows are not equipped with. Feeling unsafe in your own home is the worst way to feel, so why not ensure a feeling of ease by choosing windows that can help prevent break-ins? Simonton windows are designed to protect your home from intruders and must pass forced entry requirements. Some old windows just don’t lock correctly or have glass that is easily broken. With new vinyl windows, you can rest easy knowing that the laminated glass is just one extra layer of protection for you and your family.

Maintenance-free windows save time.

Nothing is less fun than spending your weekend or savings for a rainy day on repairing or maintaining parts of the home. With vinyl windows, that doesn’t happen. Because vinyl doesn’t flake or require repainting like aluminum or wood does, there’s absolutely no maintenance except for the occasional washing. These windows can stand all sorts of environmental pollutants, from salt spray in winter to dirt year-round.

They can also increase your home’s resale value.

If you’re thinking of selling your home, windows can be one of the most important investments you will get a return of investment on. Newer windows are one of the top things homebuyers look for when house hunting, and most times you’ll recoup up to 73 percent of your investment. Sometimes if money is tight or you don’t plan on making something a forever home, it’s hard to justify upgrades or updates, but with vinyl windows, the investment is worth it when it comes time to move.

New windows can create a beautiful home.

Another way new windows can help the resale value is because they can create a beautiful look on the inside and outside of a home. New windows look clean, fresh and can help a house to seem as if it’s newer than it actually is. Whether you’re selling your house or living there until the end of your days, the investment to make your home something you actually enjoy living in is priceless.

Buying replacement windows sometimes seems like you’re throwing away money, but the benefits of getting windows from a Colorado Springs vinyl siding and window company is worth it. To get the most bang for your buck, make sure the vinyl windows you choose have a warranty. Simonton not only tests its products, but it offers solid warranties to help customers and professionals know how great their windows are. Be sure to choose a window brand that offers those similar warranty or guarantees. If you’re unsure what windows will be best for your home, a Colorado Springs window replacement company is always a great place to turn to for advice and expertise.

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Questions to Ask Your Replacement Window Contractor Questions to Ask Your Replacement Window Contractor

When it comes time to get replacement windows, if you’re not an expert it can be a tricky and confusing process. Where does one even begin looking for window contractors and how do you know which ones are good, which ones are bad and who to use for your home? If it is well past time for you to get Colorado Springs replacement windows, here are some things to ask your contractor about. Being thorough in what you ask can help you to understand what you’re getting from the company, create clear expectations and overall save any money or trouble from any miscommunications.

Questions to ask about the company

Once you’ve found a few contractors in Colorado Springs who specialize in replacement windows, it’s time to narrow down who you’re going to use. If you’re not familiar with window contractors or similar companies, it’s important to find out exactly what the business does and if the company will be a good fit for you and your home.

First and foremost, find out the full name and address of the company. One of the scariest things that can happen is to get scammed by a company that doesn’t actually do what they say or even exist. By getting the name and street address of the company you can find out if the company is real, look up reviews on the services they provide and make sure everything seems real. It’s also a good idea to get the name of the manager or talk to that person if at all possible. Find out how long the company has been in business so that you know the company is able to keep clients and has already gone over the learning curve. The longer a company has been in business, the more likely the company has succeeded in previous jobs and will work well for you.

Once you’ve determined that the Colorado Springs window replacement company you’ve picked is a legitimate company, find out about the company’s insurance company. Window contractors should carry some type of comprehensive liability insurance, as well as workers’ compensation, to protect you during their work in case an accident happens. This is important because if the company doesn’t have current coverage of these two types of insurance and a worker is hurt on your property while they’re doing work for you, they could sue you or cause many legal complications for you. Verification for this is easy - just ask to see the company’s certificate of insurance and be sure the certificates they show you are for comprehensive liability and workers’ comp. One thing to remember is that carrying these insurances will mean the cost of your Colorado Springs window replacement contractor will be a little bit higher, but the cost of the prevention is worth much more than the risk of your contractor not having insurance.

Find out if the company is licensed or has credentials. Basically you want to make sure the state and city has licensed the company you want to use so you know that the company is qualified to do the work you need done. Don’t be fooled - some companies may try to show you a business license which is different. Be sure the credentials the window replacement company shows you are state or city credentials.

Ask for references. When a company is able to provide references from previous jobs, including before and after photos, it’s easy to know that a company did a good job. If a contractor doesn’t have photos and testimonials, ask him or her for a list of recent customers and their phone numbers to check how their experience with the company was. If there were problems, how did the window replacement company handle it? Were they helpful in getting things fixed or did they challenge the customer? Making sure others have had a good experience means you are much more likely to have a good experience as well. If the contractor isn’t willing to provide references, it’s likely this isn’t someone you want to work with.

Questions to ask about the actual job

Once you’ve picked your Colorado Springs window replacement company to use, you’ll need to find out some information about the actual job. Having any type of work done on your home can disrupt your everyday life, so it’s important that you’re clear on what it is you need done and your expectations of the job.

If you’ve already determined the job and price of the job, the next important thing to do is find out how long the project will take to get done. Will it take one day to get the windows replaced or will it take multiple days? Will it happen on a weekday or a weekend when you won’t have to take off work for multiple days? These are all things that will directly affect how you live, whether it’s for a few hours or a few days. Knowing the length of the job and including it in your contract is extremely important.

Find out what warranties you’ll receive from the job. Find out the length of the warranty from the manufacturer and consider the fact that your warranty will be better if it is a factory-authorized installation. Don’t be afraid to ask the window replacement contractor to tell you exactly what the warranty covers.

The most important question to ask your Colorado Springs window replacement contractor is the level of service they’ll provide you with. You should make sure they’ll remove the old windows and won’t mess up your house or the landscaping surrounding it. If they do, they should cover those costs and if something goes wrong, you should feel confident that the company will fix the problems for you without hassle. It’s always important to feel confident in the company you hire, because they’re who you’ll deal with if the service is bad.

The best way to choose a Colorado Springs replacement window company is to be thorough in your questions and research. Don’t just use price to determine what company you choose. Experience as a business, good referrals and insurance or warranties are all things to consider when finding a contractor who will work well for you.

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Are there advantages to Vinyl Siding? Are there advantages to Vinyl Siding?

When it comes to installing siding on your Colorado Springs house, sometimes it’s difficult to determine whether or not you want to keep the working materials as real wood or if switching materials to vinyl would be a way to help the house with its longevity. Vinyl siding is appealing to Colorado Springs contractors because it installs quickly, is cheaper and doesn’t require paint, however vinyl isn’t watertight, the material can fluctuate with temperature changes and vinyl trim has to be pre-made so there are sometimes limitations when they’re installed or to how they’re applied. In fact, for both homeowners and contractors alike, deciding between vinyl siding and other building materials is one of the biggest battles and has been since vinyl siding was introduced in the 1950s.

When it was first introduced, vinyl siding wasn’t as durable and was easily damaged but as time has continued both the production and installation of the material has improved. Vinyl siding is growing in popularity in the United States and it’s because there are some advantages to using it. It’s important to discuss the advantages of vinyl siding with your Colorado Springs siding contractor to determine what type of siding will be best for your home and its needs and if the advantages of vinyl siding are advantages you’ll actually benefit from.

What are the advantages of vinyl siding?

Vinyl siding is an exterior siding for houses and building that is made from plastic. It’s often used in place of other siding materials such as aluminum, fiber cement or wood. Although wood is more traditional and fiber cement is durable, Vinyl siding does have its own advantages for Colorado Springs homes. Along with its different looks and durability, it also is safe to use, easy to install and maintain, sustainable for the environment, and best of all, it’s affordable.

It’s safe!

Vinyl is a safe material for you to use for your home. It complies with the National Fire Protection Association’s stringent requirements to insulate electrical and data transmission cables. If you use a siding that isn’t safe with certain cables it could cause a fire, so it’s important to check that your siding is approved by the NFPA.

You can get the look you want for your home.

A lot of times when it comes time to re-side a home, one of the most important things a homeowner thinks about is how the siding will look on the house. This doesn’t just mean the color or shape of the siding, but also the texture and even the trim. With vinyl siding, there is a huge selection of colors for a homeowner to pick from and match their house with. There’s also a diverse selection of architectural accents and textures. Vinyl siding is made to look like wood, stone and slate which makes using vinyl siding possible for people who are interested in keeping a more traditional look for their home.
There are also designs for vinyl siding to help the home keep its authenticity. If the home is a Victorian style house, it doesn’t make sense to use modern fixtures. Vinyl siding is available to fit any home style so that homeowners can keep their curb appeal but still get the other added benefits of vinyl siding.

Vinyl is easy to install and maintain.

Whether you’re hiring a Colorado Springs siding contractor or doing it yourself, vinyl siding is easy to install and maintain which makes it a good investment for yourself and for the contracted company installing the siding for you. It’s lightweight and can be installed over existing materials, which can help to save you labor costs from completely ripping off old siding and can allow you to revert back to the old siding if for any reason you decide you don’t like the vinyl.

After installation comes maintenance, and the advantage to using vinyl siding is that is doesn’t need to be painted, which makes maintenance minimal. Typically vinyl siding doesn’t have issues with rotting or cracking and it’s easy to wash with soap and water just a few times a year, if not once a year. Washing the siding of a house can be a big job and some materials require special cleaners, so vinyl siding can save you both time and money with its easy upkeep.

It lasts.

Do you ever buy something for a what you think is a great price only to realize that there was a reason it was so cheap? With vinyl, it may be affordable but durability isn’t a problem. It can withstand heat, cold, wind and rain. In Colorado, the weather changes with a blink of an eye. Summers are hot, winters are cold and wet, and there’s often rain during the spring and summer. Having a vinyl siding that will keep it’s beautiful appearance and continue to perform is important. Often times, products will also have a lifetime warranty so if for some reason your vinyl siding does have damage, it will be taken care of.

Help the environment.

With an election year coming up, political candidates have been bringing up topics that Americans usually want to talk about but sometimes forget. Going green is one of those topics and with vinyl siding, its sustainability is a big advantage. As a whole, vinyl siding tends to be environmentally friendlier because it outperforms other siding options meaning it won’t have to be thrown away. It also is a great way to insulate a house, which can make a home more energy efficient. Energy efficient homes are better for the environment because they reduce the use of heat, electricity and gas. Plus it can help lower your utility costs.

It isn’t overpriced.

When it comes to home improvements, they can get costly and sometimes there isn’t a huge return on investment. One of the best benefits of vinyl siding is that it is low-cost to install and has the lowest cost during its life cycle. That means it is cheaper to clean and repair vinyl than it is to do the same for other siding materials. It also has a good return on investment when it comes time to sell the house.

There are many different materials a homeowner has to choose from when it comes time to reside a home. Be sure to discuss the options available to you with your Colorado Springs siding contractor. The company will be able to talk through the advantages and disadvantages of certain materials as well as show you what you can afford at your price point. It’s important to consult a professional even if you plan to DIY so you can get the best bang for your buck.

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The Best Colorado Springs Replacement Windows – Made by Simonton The Best Colorado Springs Replacement Windows – Made by Simonton

One of the smartest home improvements you can do for your home is to get all new vinyl replacement windows. And if you live in or near Colorado Springs, the best replacement windows to get are from Simonton.

Simonton is known for making energy efficient vinyl replacement windows that are both attractive and affordable.

Simonton offers three very popular product lines that are designed to be used by local Colorado Springs window contractors. Some are even designed for certain regions of the country.

Simonton windows are an excellent choice for your Colorado Springs replacement windows, and they offer a product to meet every homeowner’s needs.

Simonton Impressions® and Simonton Reflections® are both available from a contractor or remodeler, but the Impressions® line is more likely to be found at an authorized dealer on the East or West Coast.

Both are available with a host of special options that are designed to make a home more energy efficient and beautiful. The Reflections® lines are available in 5300, 5500 and 5050 series and are usually installed by a professional contractor or remodeler. This series is flexible enough to help homeowners find the right-sized vinyl replacement window at the right price.

Before selecting your new replacement windows from Simonton, find a reputable and experienced Colorado Springs replacement windows contractor who has experience with this product line. Hearthouse is licensed and insured local contractor with years of expertise in replacement windows and doors.

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Prepare for Winter with Window Replacements Prepare for Winter with Window Replacements

The cold weather can leave homeowners fretting if they have windows that need to be repaired or updated. Windows from older houses can let cold air in, causing your home to be chilly and your heating bill to rise. If your windows are sticking and it’s hard to open them or close them, you can be stuck with an open window while the snow falls into your house. Maybe your windows easily slide open or don’t latch, and you don’t feel comfortable leaving town for the holidays with an unsecure house. No matter your reasoning, needing your windows replaced only gets more stressful as the weather gets colder, the holidays get nearer and you get busier. By finding a window replacement company in Colorado Springs to evaluate and replace your windows, you’ll be able to spend your time enjoying family and friends rather than worrying about one more home project.

Prepare for Winter with Window Replacements

How do I know that my windows need to be replaced?

There are a variety of ways to know that your windows need to be replaced, but a majority of them have to do with annoyances and worries that you might have concerning your comfort, safety and money. Unless your window is clearly broken there’s no way to know for sure that you must find a Colorado Springs window replacement company to fix your windows, but if you do have concerns it’s important to have a window professional take a look at the issue and give you feedback.

Some problems can wait if necessary, however if a window causes a safety issue with a home then replacing the window immediately is extremely important. If a window is closing correctly or latching and locking, it can be a security problem. Especially during the winter when burglars are more likely to break into a home, you don’t want to make a burglary any easier for thieves. A broken window latch, especially on a window close to the ground floor, can mean a person can easily get into your house to take your things. Of course, this isn’t necessarily something that will happen, but why risk your or your family’s safety?

Why is it important to fix the windows before winter?

Obviously a person can fix his or her windows during any time of year, but it’s important to fix windows before winter when there are specific issues than can cause you to lose money or if it jeopardizes your comfort.

During the winter, bugs tend to make their way indoors as a last ditch effort to stay alive - especially in Colorado Springs where there’s snow and ice. It’s not uncommon as the first frost hits to find more spiders than usual or for bugs like flies or wasps to be flying around. Many people think of flying bugs buzzing in a hot, dirty house during the summer, but during the winter bees come inside, too. If bugs don’t bother you, it may not be a priority, however it can cause major issues if bugs begin to infest your home. Especially with older windows, bugs can find ways to come in through a broken or old frame. They could even try to build a home in your wall or between the frame and the window, so keep this in mind if there are more bugs than you’re comfortable with in your home.

Bugs building homes in your walls sounds like an expensive extermination bill, but it could also mean you’re losing money on your energy bills. If your windows can let in bugs, it’s likely they’re letting in cold air, too. Do you ever walk by a window and feel a draft, or maybe a room filled with windows is always much, much cooler than the interior rooms of your house. If either one of these is the case, your heating bill in the winter is going to skyrocket and new windows can help you control that problem. Not only can you get double or triple pane glass to stop heat from escaping the house, but you can also make sure the framing is well insulated and that there is no seal issues. Replacement windows with new, insulated frames seal properly and resist heat transfer. That means savings for you.

Evaluate what can wait.

If you can’t replace windows before winter starts or don’t have the money to make your window replacements happen soon, it might be time to evaluate your window replacement options for the summer.If cold air can leak in during the winter, that means hot air will leak in during the summer as well, so fixing the window sooner rather than later will save money long term.

Accessibility can be an issue during the summertime as well. Most times when it’s time to wash the windows, it’s during the summer and that’s when you realize how not fun it is to use a ladder to wash a window on the third story of your home. Replacing older windows with ones that can lift our or swing in will make cleaning much less stressful. Plus, since you’ll be able to clean the windows from the inside, they will be able to be cleaned in the winter, whereas you might usually use a hose which isn’t advisable during cold weather.

Finally, warm weather means opening the windows and taking in the beautiful weather and nature. Often times if windows are older, there are no screens or there may not be a way to open the window at all. If this is the case and it is something you hope to be able to do in the future, considering replacing the windows in the summertime might be a good plan. Without a screen bugs or birds can easily come inside, so this is a good alternative to keep outside critters actually outside.

Making a decision on whether or not to replace your windows before winter is in full force is best decided by a Colorado Springs window replacement company. A professional who is based in the Colorado Springs area will know the risks of waiting until after winter is over to replace windows or if it needs to happen right away, so it’s best to get a consultation before making a final decision.

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